Imperial Forces Defeat Devon Council

By Gary Cutlack on at

Teignbridge Council's planning department has seen the funny side of something, which may well be the first instance in all recorded local planning history in which planners have had a bit of a laugh and bent the rules for fun.

The rules were bent in order to accommodate Paul Parker's adopted self-build Imperial AT-ST walker, which he plonked alongside his local bit of the A38 to amuse travellers last year. He didn't have planning permission for it, though, so was told to disassemble it and stop being naughty.

But! He has now been granted the holy grail of retrospective planning approval for the installation, thanks in part to the help of locals and Star Wars enthusiasts who lodged 30 letters of support in favour of the build staying up. It may now sit there, silently monitoring the drivers of the A38, for the next ten years. [Metro]

Image credit: Jedi News