Ingenious Student Project Uses Bacteria to Clean Filthy Underground Air

By Holly Brockwell on at

Remember when we found out just how disgusting the air on the London Underground is? Surprisingly, it seems the solution is bacteria.

A brilliant project by four students, Imperial College London and the Royal College of Art would see beautiful pods of specially-prescribed bacteria installed in places in need of filtration.

Called Cellul-air (geddit), the project would involve taking samples from the area to be treated, analysing them to find out what kinds of bacteria would ingest and neutralise the problematic particles, and installing those strains of bacteria in closed pods that just so happen to be really gorgeous.

The student team consists of Amos Oyedeji, Kate Strudwick, Nicole Stjernswärd and Alex Facey. Oyedeji has been given a Royal Commission scholarship to continue work on the project.

Of course, if this project went mainstream, government funding cuts would likely mean what we actually got was a sneeze of generic bacteria in a grey box that somehow cost millions, but we'll live in the lovely fantasy world of the Cellul-air video for now. [Evening Standard]