£1k iPhone 2019 Still Won't Have A Fast Charger, It Seems

By Holly Brockwell on at

We have new rumours about the 2019 edition of the iPhone, to supplement what we've already heard about the new phone potentially still having a Lightning port instead of the more modern USB-C.

If the intel from Japanese site Macotakara is correct, the iPhone 2019 will indeed have a Lightning port, and worse, you'll still get the same old 5W charger with it.

That means you'll potentially be spending over a grand for a phone that still doesn't include a fast charger.

That's not to say the phone won't be able to fast charge at all -- you'll be able to buy faster-charging accessories like the 12W iPad charger, as 9to5Mac points out. But it seems stingy in the extreme for Apple to keep bundling the same old USB-A to Lightning cable, Lightning EarPods and 5W charger with its handsets, just for the sake of saving money.

If it's true, the move might be one of the ways Apple plans to mitigate the losses it's made in terms of iPhone sales recently – apparently people replacing their own batteries instead of upgrading has knocked literal billions off its sales forecasts.

Other Apple devices including the iPad Pro now use USB-C, and the Pro comes with an 18W fast charger that some people thought would start coming with iPhones too. Sounds like that's not the case, which is particularly disappointing given that iPhone batteries – like all smartphone batteries – tend to get bigger with each successive generation, and thus it's going to take even longer to charge to full with the same 5W charger.

What's worse though: no fast charging, or this rumoured layout for the iPhone XI camera? Oof, tough choice.