Is This Really the Huawei P30 Pro?

By Holly Brockwell on at

The Huawei P30, the successor to the popular camera-focused P20, is due to be released in Paris on the 26th of March. There was originally some speculation that it'd be released at Mobile World Congress, which is happening now, but it seems Huawei wanted its own dedicated event.

Nonetheless, a writer from Digital Trends says they walked through the wrong door at MWC and accidentally found a prototype of... the P30 Pro:

"Closing the door behind us, we were invited to hold and photograph the phone. However, rather than getting our hands on with a working model, we saw a non-operational prototype which we were told was almost completely final, in terms of the way it looks."

This is... surprising.

This close to launch, the phone is of course likely finished or almost finished. We've already seen cases leak for it. So while it's believable that Huawei would take the P30 to Barcelona and show it in private, we're sceptical they'd allow a random person who wandered in to view and photograph the unreleased phone, especially without signing any kind of non-disclosure agreement.

Digital Trends says the phone is the P30 Pro, but the design doesn't line up with what's leaked twice so far – case maker Olixar's renders:

And SBS's actual cases at MWC:

As you can see, both of those designs clearly show four camera lenses, while Digital Trends' photos only show three:

It's a similar layout, but there just aren't enough lenses to convince us this is the P30 Pro. We think it's the regular P30, if anything. Digital Trends theorises that it could be a 5G version of the P30 Pro, but again we would expect to see four lenses.

(Vogue and Link are apparently internal codenames that will be replaced by Huawei and Leica on the final device).

You can see more about the alleged P30 Pro over on Digital Trends, but we're keeping our sceptical hats on for the time being.

All P30 images: Julian Chokkattu/Digital Trends