Jamie Oliver Caught Snuffling at the McDonald's Trough

By Gary Cutlack on at

Holy eating crusader Jamie Oliver has admitted to being slightly more friendly with McDonald's than he would like his fans to realise, with his people confirming that the TV chef has had more than one meeting with the burger chain's advisers to thrash out policy ideas and to try to keep everyone friends.

Exactly what the meetings were about and if they were catered no one is saying, although both sides have confirmed that Oliver has met with McD's top man and UK chief exec Paul Pomroy in the past; and both Oliver and McDonald's are keen to stress it's only ever been an unpaid, non-commercial, only-sort-of-advisory role.

The Press Association says the meetings have gone on for several years, although it doesn't sound like they're all secretly friends enjoying slap-up hypocritical burger noshes. Oliver's team says the aim has been to keep each other informed of developments, with the chef telling MacDonald's what he's going to get angry about next, and the burger bosses giving him inside information as to future healthier eating initiatives that may make him a bit less publicly furious.

A McDonald's spokesperson tried to minimise the damage that could be caused by association with the irritating TV chef, saying: "As a ­business we meet regularly and have relationships, with a number of individuals in the food and drink industry. This has included meeting Jamie Oliver but he does not have an advisory role nor do we have a commercial relationship with him." [PA/MSN]