Looks Like There'll be a Foldable Phone From Vivo, Too

By Holly Brockwell on at

Chinese smartphone brand Vivo is joining the legions of manufacturers with a foldable phone on the way, according to some leaked renders found on Weibo.

The renders haven't been confirmed by the company, but they do look convincing, and Vivo would be an odd choice for a product hoax.

As you can see, the phone reads 'iQOO' down the fold – that's the name of Vivo's recently announced sub-brand.

Like other folding phones we've seen so far, including the one featured in this Xiaomi video, the phone has a tablet-like appearance that folds down into a smartphone shape.

We can't see any ports or holes in the renders, which fits with the recent zero-port phone by the same brand, but could also just be for simplicity in the images. We won't know until we see actual photos -- it seems a little odd that there's no visible camera on the front of the phone, for instance.

Judging by the two 4G logos on the left, it will be a dual-SIM device, but presumably not 5G:

The Weibo post says the phone will cost 7,000 Yuan, which is about £800. That seems surprisingly affordable in a world where non-folding flagships now cost over a grand.

Mobile World Congress is next week, so we'll see if any news of the foldy Vivo appears then -- we will of course be on the ground finding all the best phone stories for your reading pleasure. It's a tough job going to Barcelona to see all the newest shiny things, but someone's gotta do it. [Pocket Lint]

All images via Weibo