These Are Officially the 15 Most Stressful Tube Stations in London

By Holly Brockwell on at

Everyone feels like their local tube station is the busiest, dirtiest and most stressful, but patrons of 15 tube stations can now officially prove it.

Awkwardly-named web conferencing company PowWowNow used entry, exit and delay data combined with social media complaints to work out which were the worst stations to endure, and these are the results:

So the winner is of course King's Cross St Pancras, where people stop at the top of escalators with their wheely suitcases, and occasionally things go bang.

Bank & Monument are also right up there, at least partly because of the hellish interchange between the Central and Northern at peak times, and Stratford rounds out the top 3, presumably for its completely impenetrable crowds when there's a West Ham game on.

As you can see, the number of people at a station doesn't necessarily equate to how stressful it is -- travel hub Waterloo had the second-highest number of entries and exits (after St Pancras with its staggering 97.9 million) with 91 million, but it was ranked fourth behind two stations with 30 million fewer passengers.

As you can see from the accompanying Frown Map, central London is pretty grim in general, with only Bond Street escaping into the yellow zone of "ugh" rather than "ARGH."

However, the stations with the worst delays were considerably further out:

Looking at the stations that saw the most primary delays, it was revealed the worst station of all was Acton Town in zone 3 of West London, with a total of 4,432 minutes of delays. The North London zone 4 station Arnos Grove was in second place, with 3,843 minutes, while Stratford station, on the Central line and near the Eastern terminus of the Jubilee line, was in third with 3,473 minutes.

Damn, Stratford, you suck.

For balance, these are the stations with the fewest delays -- let's all move there and then wonder why it changes.

Alternatively, let's all move to zone 25, also known as "not London." True, there aren't as many jobs, but it looks like after Brexit that'll be the case everywhere. Yay! [Londonist]

Photo by Hello Lightbulb on Unsplash