MPs Actually Want to Talk to Nick Clegg Now

By Gary Cutlack on at

Nick Clegg is actually getting invited to Westminster parties right now for once, but no one's going to be talking about proportional representation, coalitions or tuition fees. They want to talk to Clegg about his new job as proxy Mark Zuckerberg puppet for the EMEA region, with MPs lining up to ask him what Facebook is doing to combat the... harassment of... MPs.

The call for Clegg is coming from the Joint Committee on Human Rights, which say Nick, or Sir Nick, who now earns quite a bit of money as Facebook's head of global affairs, is best placed to come back to his old Westminster base and answer questions about the hows and whys of social media abuse and the ifs and buts about fake news stifling democracy.

Labour MP Harriet Harman, chairwoman of the JCHR, said in her invite to the former deputy PM: "I am writing to invite you to give evidence because JCHR members have heard evidence from MPs about the high level of abuse, threats and intimidation and the extent to which social media is a significant driver of this. As someone who has yourself been an MP, and is now head of global affairs at Facebook, you are uniquely well placed to give evidence on this."

And more likely to come than his boss. [BBC]