MPs Call for 1p New Trousers Tax

By Gary Cutlack on at

Those new trousers people buy that have holes in the knees on purpose should be taxed a bit more, says a group of MPs, which would like a 1p-per-item charge added to the sales price of all new clothes to pay for the old ones that have the wrong sort of unfashionable holes in them, or just aren't stylish enough to wear any more, to be recycled.

This is one of the key recommendations within the Sustainable Fashion Report as assembled by the Environmental Audit Committee, which warns that the rising trend of "fast fashion" and the binning of perfectly good clothes because they're no longer quite the right cut, or shade of mustard, or have the wrong slogan on, or don't say "Superdry," is contributing to the general environmental woes faced by the planet.

The constant having of the latest trousers is unsustainable, they say, in a report that introduces today's Most Amazing Fact -- a warning that the textile industries contribute more to climate change than both the world's aviation and shipping needs added together. Hence the suggestion that this 1p levy on each fashion item sold could be used to fund better recycling efforts, by raising £35 million a year to reinvest in sorting of unwanted garments, with the government also asked to speed up action to shame the fashion industry into taking responsibility for its bonfires of unwanted items and questionable cheap labour habits. [Sustainable Fashion Report via BBC]