MTV UK is Rebooting Cribs

By Gary Cutlack on at

Bizarre noughties satellite TV phenomenon Cribs is to make a return to UK screens, as our local division of MTV is preparing an eight-episode return of the bizarre artform of seeing inside the refrigerators, and beneath the well-worn super king size beds and overly ornate headboards of the successful modern pop star.

So that's Ed Sheeran's house in episode 1, Ed Sheeran's mum's house in episode 2, Ed Sheeran's shed in episode 3, Ed Sheeran's holiday home in episode 4 and so on, with Ed revealing all the various suitcases he keeps his money in. Perhaps there'll be an episode inside the modest semi of one of the less well known former members of One Direction, too. They haven't said.

All they have said is: "With its firmly cemented status as a cult hit program, Cribs remains one of the most-loved shows in MTV history. The new series is set to be warm and funny, giving MTV audiences a sneak peek into how their favorite stars live."

There's also going to be an online-only miniseries called Geordie Cribs, looking at the houses of participants of Geordie Shore. I'd rather watch a fire slowly consume my feet and legs, but there you go. [THR]