New BrickHeadz Are Coming For The Lego Movie 2

By Holly Brockwell on at

There's not long at all to wait before The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part hits cinemas and We. Are. Excited.

Which means we're scouring the internet for any and all tangentially-related Lego-type things, and we've come across a set of new BrickHeadz made especially for the movie.

The sets were spotted in the Lego instructions database by the eagle-eyed folks at Hoth Bricks, and include:

  • 41634 Emmet
  • 41635 Wyldstyle
  • 41636 Benny
  • 41637 Sweet Mayhem

This is particularly exciting for Lego collectors, because the BrickHeadz line seemed to have been all but discontinued, with only occasional releases for holidays and such.

If you haven't bought BrickHeadz before, they're basically Lego's version of Funko Pops – buildable figurines that are somewhere between a minifig and a full Lego build.

We don't have a release date for the BrickHeadz, but the Lego Movie 2 comes out on Friday, so surely it can't be long. Other Lego Movie 2 sets, including the gorgeous Welcome To Apocalypseburg set, are out now, but more are expected to land soon.

Bring on the bricks! [BrickFanatics]