New Doctor Who Tells Old Doctor Who She Had No Idea What Was Going on in Doctor Who

By Gary Cutlack on at

David Tennant has a podcast for something to do now, and being something of a cult figure on the domestic sci-fi scene himself, he has the clout to pull in the big name guests, like a Scottish and primarily online Graham Norton. And there aren't many bigger names in the UK sci-fi niche right now than this week's guest, Jodie Whittaker.

She's a Doctor Who now too you may know if you saw all the men doing red-face emojis about it on the internet last year. Speaking to Tennant, Whittaker outlined her sheer bafflement with the Doctor Who timeline and continuity before she started to do the acting bit, saying she tried to do her research and read up on it but, well, where do you really start?

"...there's so much there – I need to read the history of it and the tropes and the rules and all that, which all contradict!" she said, adding that she had to be bailed out by co-producer Chris Chibnall who printed her out a sort of summary of key milestones in the series for her to sort of, maybe eventually, understand it all, or at least some of it.

She also said she presumed the show runners would want her to talk plain, non-geographic English, and was preparing to do a generic home counties accent for the whole thing; but they said no, like you're from Sheffield is fine. And in fact, they want to make a big thing of it. [Digital Spy]