New Top Gear Presenter Continues Tradition of Crashing

By Gary Cutlack on at

Professional cricketer and amateur driver Andrew Flintoff has already given his new Top Gear colleagues something to endlessly guffaw about, as he managed to crash a pickup truck while filming a racing sequence for the next series of the car show.

The race was taking place around the streets of Mansfield, and yes, Freddie's immaculate boundary smash was caught on camera. And seeing as it's a viral-worthy, extreme-banter-level incident ideal for promoting the show, footage of the smash has already been released by the BBC.

Town mayor Kate Allsop wasn't exactly horrified by the scenes which saw a market stall slightly bent. In fact she thinks the low-speed accident may help to put the town on the map, and said: "To know this is the town where Freddie Flintoff drove into a market stall. We should actually name that stall after him – it's going to be such an icon." [BBC]