Nissan 'To Cancel Manufacturing New Model In The UK'

By Holly Brockwell on at

It looks like Nissan is about to cancel investment in its Sunderland manufacturing plant, where it had promised to build the new model of X-Trail SUV.

According to Sky News, the Japanese company will announce on Monday that instead of ploughing a significant investment into the Sunderland factory to make the car here -- as it originally said it would do after receiving government "reassurances" about Brexit in 2016 -- it will cancel the plans and manufacture it elsewhere.

The cancellation shouldn't affect the 7,000 people who already work at the plant, but it does mean the hundreds of new jobs the investment would have created will no longer be available. It's also yet another nail in the coffin of Britain's future as a global competitor in pretty much anything once we back out of the EU in two months' time.

Sunderland South MP Bridget Phillipson expressed concern on Twitter:

While reaction from the public was a mix of despair and Brexit-bashing:

We'll see on Monday if Sky's intel turns out to be correct, but with 8 weeks to go and still no sign of any reprieve from the no-deal national shambles, we wouldn't be surprised.

Main image: the NRMA via Flickr CC