Nubia's Bracelet-Phone Will Be at Mobile World Congress

By Holly Brockwell on at

We are SO ready for Mobile World Congress 2019. The yearly convention of everyone who's anyone in smartphones (apart from Apple, who are too cool apparently) always sees a smattering of exciting new flagships, and just as many bonkers products.

This year, the big category is foldables, and we've already seen some pretty exciting folding-screen phones from the likes of Samsung, Xiaomi and others. But Chinese brand Nubia has something even weirder quite literally up its sleeve: a bracelet phone.

The Nubia A was previously shown at IFA last year as a prototype, and apparently it's now ready for primetime. As TechRadar comments, it's something of a hybrid between a smartwatch and a phone: it has a camera, can make calls and connect to the internet, but it also has a bendy screen that wraps around your wrist.

This isn't the first time we've seen a concept like this, but previous bracelet-phones were either completely conceptual or used things like flexible e-ink screens. The Nubia A, as you can see in the prototype video below, is a full colour touchscreen:

The video is from IFA in September last year, so the final design will likely have changed a bit since then. Unsurprisingly, Nubia aren't revealing much before its big MWC launch on the 25th of February.

Your humble Giz UK team will be on the ground at MWC '19, so we'll let you know what happens then.