O2 Told to Stop Pre-Filtering and Downscaling Video and Images

By Gary Cutlack on at

Mobile provider O2 has been naughty-stepped by communications regulator Ofcom, which found that the network has been routinely downscaling image and video quality before forwarding it on to meet user requests, going against the provisions of the net neutrality concept.

O2 is in double trouble here, as it was also found to have been less than forthright in answering Ofcom's requests for more information on how it routes and processes traffic sent on to its users, with Ofcom accusing the network of "failing to provide accurate and complete answers" to the first wave of queries.

This has been going on since January of 2018, when Ofcom first asked O2 to clarify its network-side methods of data compression. O2 is now required to stop the in-house downscaling of image and video content, and must write a Very Serious Letter to Ofcom once its services have been updated -- or face the threat of an EU-backed fine of up to ten per cent of its turnover under European Union net neutrality rules. [Ofcom via Telegraph]