MWC 2019: Official Hands On Video Gives us a Closer Look at the Samsung Galaxy Fold

By Tom Pritchard on at

Samsung didn't show off very much of the Galaxy Fold at Unpacked last week. There was a fair bit to digest, but nobody's been able to get really close up to the real-life phone. Thankfully, in a move that will hopefully quell some naysayers (or perhaps rile up a few), Samsung has released a hands on video of the folding phone in action.

Update: For some reason, the official video from Samsung's channel was removed, but here's the same video as reuploaded by another YouTube user.

We basically get to see the phone from all angles, including a close-up of the hinge and the folding process in action. You also get to see the the continuity apps in action, the unique version of Instagram that is set to ship with the device, an the camera system.

This won't appease everyone, especially if they've decided they hate folding phones already, but it might help bring a few people around. Just remember that foldable phones of this type are still in their infancy, and this stuff is going to change a lot over the next couple of years. After all there are expected to be several foldable phones on show at MWC, and you can bet they'll all bring something special to the table.

The Galaxy Fold is due in the UK on 3rd May, with prices set to start around £1,800. It's also rumoured to be an EE exclusive, but we've yet to get official confirmation on that from Samsung itself. [TechRadar]