Oh God, More Flights Might Leave From Luton Soon

By Gary Cutlack on at

The owners of London Luton Airport have revealed an ambitious plan to nearly double its passengers numbers, which includes the building of a second terminal to house all the people wondering where exactly the "London" is upon arrival.

Luton thinks it could increase annual passenger numbers from 18m to 32m, by putting up some new steel and glass on Wigmore Valley Park nextdoor. To keep locals happy about the obliteration of parkland the proposal includes the terraforming and creation of a new and larger area of park to the east of the possible new terminal building, although this being such a huge plan means the government has to get involved before anyone starts staking out foundations.

Final plans are to be submitted by the middle of 2020, with the transport secretary given the job of okaying or nokaying the idea. Local pressure group Friends of Wigmore Park is already super on the warpath about the potential changing of preferred dog-walking routes, with spokesperson Scott Stalham saying: "We would see a massive increase in traffic. London, Manchester and Birmingham are the only places busier and more congested than Luton. It’s such a big cause of air pollution, both from aircraft and traffic. Children growing up here have to walk to school past all the congested traffic, which causes long-term health effects such as chronic respiratory diseases." [BBC]

Image credit: Twitter