OnePlus Wants Your 5G App Ideas [Updated]

By Holly Brockwell on at

We've updated this article to reflect changes OnePlus made after we published.

OnePlus has launched an app competition for tech fans to create "the world's next innovative app for 5G" that it will help to produce.

Called 5G Apps of Tomorrow, the contest will result in 20 global finalists chosen by experts from OnePlus, EE and Qualcomm, which will then be voted on by a panel and the public.

The top 5 get an impressive prize package:

  • 50,000 Euros (about £43k)
  • A trip to OnePlus HQ in China to talk to CEO Pete Lau
  • Access to EE 5G testing labs
  • Support from OnePlus and EE
  • A 5G OnePlus device
  • 5G connection to EE in the UK.

The twenty finalists get a 5G OnePlus device and a 5G connection from EE.

If you win, you don't just get the £43k upfront: it's split into three instalments. You get 20,000 Euros when the winners are announced, 10,000 when you've finished planning after three months, and the other 20k after six months when your app is 70% done.

Originally, the Ts & Cs gave OnePlus all the rights to your idea forever, but that's now been updated. A OnePlus spokesperson told us:

"The ownership wording has been amended to state that the developer simply gives us permission to publicise their idea within our marketing efforts. It’s their app, OnePlus do not and will not own it.

We are helping them as part of a program to support their passion and the innovation within our industry with the advent of 5G."

Positive news.


You don't have to submit any code to enter, but you do have to include a video:

And give some details:

And a timeline, which everyone knows is as useful for app development as it was with Crossrail.

(We filled in the form with nonsense so we could get the questions for you, if you win please sling us a tenner, kthx).

Here's how ideas will be judged:

But of course the last stage does include a public vote as well as the panel, so there's an element of "who's got the most friends" to it.

CEO Pete Lau comments:

"5G is a game changer. It can change everything from gaming to communication, to health and beyond. More than that, it can perform several, or all, of these at the same time.

One great example of how 5G will change the world is gaming. 5G’s dramatic improvement in speed, latency, and network capacity can truly fulfill the promise of cloud gaming.

Combined with powerful OnePlus devices, people can play advanced games anywhere they are, provided they are on a 5G connection."

He went off on one a bit there, but we get the point.

If you have an amazing 5G app idea and £43k sounds good, you can enter here.