OnePlus Wants You to Design a New Android Feature, Or Improve An Existing One

By Tom Pritchard on at

There are lots of reasons to love Android, but there are also plenty of reasons to hate it too. Or at least, feel slightly annoyed that is doesn't do something you'd like. Wouldn't it be nice if you could tell some engineers to go away to sort out that single thing you need? Well OnePlus is giving you that chance.

Ever-found of the whole 'community outreach' thing, OnePlus has decided to launch a competition for just this. It's launching the #PMChallenge, asking the people for their ideas about how it can improve Android and OxygenOS. Whether it be implementing a missing feature or fixing an existing one.

Since it was born, OnePlus has focused on how we improve your life, solving real problems through intuitive touches. We constantly listen to and work with the OnePlus community to deliver the best possible experience. OxygenOS is a software system that we’ve truly built together as a community. In the past taken on suggestions from the community and we’ve made changes like adding our Gaming Mode, reversing how our 3-way-alert slider functions, and adding gesture controls. Now, we’re looking for your say on what we should add next.

From now until 22nd February, you can head over to the OnePlus forums to suggest your own ideas. Be it massive changes to Androids (frankly very basic) battery saver mode, some sort of camera function, or something totally original that nobody else has thought of.

The details on how to pitch your idea can be found over on the OnePlus forums, and the best idea will actually make it to a future version of OxygenOS. The winner will also be invited to OnePlus's next product launch to see their idea come to life.