OnePlus Will be Showing off a 5G Prototype at MWC

By Tom Pritchard on at

We know that OnePlus is quite fond of 5G, and we know that it has some sort of 5G device on the way. There's no better place for all things 5G than Mobile World Congress, which kicks off at the end of the month, and OnePlus will be showing off some sort of 5G prototype at the show.

Of course this won't be the final device that people will eventually be able to buy, but the Chinese phone maker will have a presence at Qualcomm's booth to show off some real, bonafide 5G hardware. Apparently attendees will be given the chance to "connect and communicate" with the community via 5G, as well as being able to see a demo of what 5G gaming can offer. That doesn't seem like much, but it will give us an idea of what OnePlus's consumer 5G device will be like.

Hopefully anyway. There's no telling what changes might be made to the phone between now and release, and what's on show might not anything like what goes on sale later this year. But it'll be nice to look at anyway, and we'll be on the show floor checking it out. [Engadget]