PAYG Travel for National Rail on the Cards for 2020

By Gary Cutlack on at

The government has opened a new public consultation on What To Do About Train Tickets?, with one of the key proposed ideas being a national launch of a tap in/out PAYG travel system, as used to such success in the barriers and stations of London's transport network.

The Department for Transport is including this option as one future method of introducing more in the way of "smart" ticketing options to our railways, speeding travel through the commuter belts and hopefully doing away with the hell that is picking up tickets from a clunky old machine. It will end the fun of continually rolling and unrolling a paper ticket in your pocket, though, so bear that in mind.

Rail Minister Andrew Jones said: "We want to make rail journeys simpler and easier for passengers. Smart ticketing is the modern answer – offering simpler fares, fairer deals and less confusion for passengers. This consultation is about finding out what works for people, and we want to know how pay-as-you-go could make life easier for passengers who make hundreds of millions of journeys each year." [DfT via Mirror]