People Who Live in Glass Houses Near the Tate Modern Told to Stop Complaining and Wear Trousers

By Gary Cutlack on at

London's Tate Modern gallery has been told it may carry on letting visitors hang around its roof platforms and view the inner lives of neighbours, after a judge agreed that people who buy houses with massive floor-to-ceiling windows ought not to complain about people being able to see in.

Critical to the win for the Tate is that the most exposed glazed areas are sold to tenants as "winter gardens" and not full living spaces, hence the judge found that the viewers on the gallery opposite are only seeing the pretend outside space attached to the posh flats and not into the private living spaces themselves, hence the Tate need not restrict viewing access or tell its visitors not to look at a particular house.

The judge says they could put up net curtains if they want privacy, as if you've spent £4m on a flat you can spend an extra £7.99 in Argos on some cheap curtains. Judge Justice Mann explained they should sod off to their kitchens if they don't like it, saying: "They have moved more of their living activities into a quasi-balcony area and provided more to look at. Had they not done that, there would have been less worth looking at – less to attract the eye – and fewer living activities to be intruded upon." [BBC]