The UK Finally Gets Plume's Mesh WiFi System

By Holly Brockwell on at

We've had our eyes on Silicon Valley mesh WiFi manufacturer Plume for a while now, not least because of its rather gorgeous plug-in SuperPods for improving signal around your home.

Finally, the system is going to be available in the UK, but only for TalkTalk customers at first, and only by invitation (sigh).

One of the reasons Plume's system caught our eye over rivals like Eero, Orbi and Google Wifi is that it continuously adjusts your home WiFi based on your usage, meaning you get the best connection for the way you use your broadband. However, that part of the service requires a paid subscription.

If you have TalkTalk broadband (our sympathies), you can subscribe to Plume for an extra £9 a month. For that, you get two Plume SuperPods -- one that you wire into your router, and one you plug into a wall socket near where you'd like better signal. You can also buy more SuperPods for £69 each (nice) if you live in a mansion or a concrete bunker.

Your £9 a month subscription includes Adaptive WiFi, guest access, parental controls and the Plume app as well as the two SuperPods.

Phil Amy, Director of Product at TalkTalk, comments:

"We’re continuously looking for ways to deliver great connectivity around the home and we know that fast, reliable Wi-Fi coverage is really important to our customers, particularly as the amount of time they’re spending online is increasing. Plume’s easy to use and personalised service aligns directly with TalkTalk’s core values of providing simple and reliable connectivity."

Sri Nathan, co-founder and head of Business Development at Plume, adds:

"Since launching Plume in the US, we’ve received a tremendous amount of interest from the UK. We are thrilled to deliver a new level of personalisation, connectivity, and security in the home to TalkTalk subscribers. TalkTalk is the perfect partner to expand Plume’s reach to a wider audience and continue our mission of delivering new, high quality services for the connected home."

Well, we can't blame them for assuming TalkTalk was one of our better ISPs -- Plume are American, and if there's one thing the yanks love, it's the way Brits talk. And besides, it wasn't quite as bad as Vodafone in the broadband complaints league, so there's that. Yay number two!

Here's hoping Plume will get a wider release on these shores before too long. [Pocket Lint]