Raspberry Pi's First Physical Shop Is Now Open

By Holly Brockwell on at

Among all the Sports Direct buyouts and store closures, it's refreshing to hear of a brand opening a high street shop for the first time. Tiny computer specialists Raspberry Pi have done just that today, with their first retail shop in the Grand Arcade, Cambridge.

Described as an "experimental space" (because 2019), the Pi shop is in Cambridge because that's where the brand started. It's also a hub of tech, science and study, so the shop should find plenty of customers.

Products on sale will include the computer itself in its various tiny guises, official merchandise, and a starter kit including a Pi, keyboard and mouse.

That said, the shop is less about selling and more about experiencing the little 'puter. The Raspberry Pi foundation has sold over 25 million machines since launching in 2012, making it the best-selling British computer (not that it has a great deal of competition these days).

We suspect the shop will become a hub for people interested in programming and tech, and no doubt many incredible uses of the Pi will be born within its walls. Founder Eben Upton told the BBC it'll give the computer's "loyal and highly engaged community" a physical space to talk tech and projects.

And also buy adorable Babbage bears, of course.

If you fancy a visit, you'll find the #RPiStore (that's meant to read as R Pi Store, not RP iStore) on the first floor of the Grand Arcade shopping centre, St Andrew's St, Cambridge CB2 3BJ. It's open 7 days a week.