Samsung Accidentally Leaked its Own Advert, and it Features the Galaxy Fold

By Tom Pritchard on at

Samsung's Galaxy Unpacked is set to take place on 20th February, and with MWC following shortly afterwards we're bound to see all sorts of new things that Samsung has planned for the future. Among them are and Galaxy S10 and the foldable Galaxy F - both of which feature in an advert Samsung Vietnam accidentally posted a wee bit too early.

It's only a brief glimpse of the Galaxy Fold (00.23), but it's a much better look at the phone than we saw when Samsung first announced the phone last year. It's still shrouded in darkness, but gone is the bulky case that seemed designed to keep the phone's design hidden. If this is a proper glimpse at what's to come it means the phone has a much thinner bezel than Samsung let on. Which is good, because bezels suck.

The phone isn't the focus of the video, though. Instead it seems more about Samsung's visions for the future, including outdoor AR gaming, remote tattooing (presumably a 5G thing), and more. The two Vietnamese phrase featured lend credence to that idea too. "Những chuẩn mực mới chúng tôi tạo ra hôm nay" and "để bạn khởi tạo knac biet ngay mai" translate to"new standards we created today" and "so you can start creating it tomorrow".

It's not long until the Galaxy Unpacked, and with MWC at the end of the month we're bound to learn a lot more about Samsung's ambitions for the immediate future - hopefully that'll include some solid details about the Galaxy Fold. [Slashleaks via Pocket Lint]