Samsung Galaxy Buds and Galaxy Watch Active Images Leak in Full

By Holly Brockwell on at

Happy Samsung day, everybody! Finally it's time for the big launch of the S10, Galaxy Buds, Galaxy Watch Active and hopefully the Galaxy Fold too.

Despite the fact that the products launch literally this evening, yet another leak has sprung up: a huge amount of images of the Galaxy Watch Active and Galaxy Buds.

The folks over at WinFuture have unveiled a massive image gallery showing pretty much every angle you could ever hope for of the two products, and all the colours too.

The Galaxy Watch Active will come in black, blue, silver and rose gold:

While the Galaxy Buds will come in black, white and yellow -- presumably called Canary Yellow, like the S10e:


Of course, there might well be features of the two products that we can't glean just from looking at them. But we can at least surmise that the Galaxy Watch Active has the same heart rate sensor as the existing Galaxy Watch, and that the Galaxy Buds use a two-pin connection instead of the previous four-pin on the Gear Icon X earbuds.

At this point, it does feel like everything to come from Samsung's launch tonight has already leaked, but we've been fooled before, so we'll wait and see if there are any presents left to open. We'll be on the ground at the launch tonight, so we'll let you know what we find. [9to5google]

All images: WinFuture