Samsung Galaxy S10 Preorders Will Apparently Open The Day After Launch

By Holly Brockwell on at

A Samsung poster spotted in Indonesia has given us the best idea yet of when we'll be able to order the Galaxy S10: the day after the launch.

The poster shows a launch date of February 21st at 2am, which equates to the 11am San Francisco time of the launch on the 20th. We knew that bit already, but the poster also says preorders will open on the 22nd, which should mean the 21st in other parts of the world (Indonesia is seven hours ahead of GMT).

If this turns out to be the case, it's a bit of an odd decision. If you're going to open preorders so close to the time of the launch, why not have them open at the time of the launch? That's the best time to capitalise on all the excitement and hype, surely. Why make people wait 'til the next day?

Some phone companies do open preorders during the launch event, but Samsung has tended to leave a bit of a gap in the past. Perhaps this year's small gap is because they don't want people to preorder impulsively and then cancel or return their phones, which would look bad.

On the other hand, a huge rush of preorders could allow them to call the S10 the fastest-selling phone ever, which would look good. So we're a bit confused.

Nonetheless, there's hardly any time left to wait now, so we'll find out on the day. Or, more likely, with the next leak. [Slashgear]