Samsung's Newest Teaser Promises Foldable Phone News at Galaxy Unpacked

By Tom Pritchard on at

Next week Samsung will take to the stage and unveil a new range of phones, including the much-leaked Galaxy S10 range. What some people might forget, however, is that it's also supposed to be the day it actually properly shows off the foldable Galaxy F. Samsung would very much like you to remember that, which is why it's released another teaser video to remind everyone.

There's lots of folding text in English and the same Korean text that adorned adverts in Paris last month. It doesn't tell us a whole lot to be honest, other than the fact Samsung will have some foldable phone news to share with us. And it better be good. With almost every company showing off foldable devices at MWC at the end of the month, Samsung needs to make a mark before the market is flooded with competing products.

After all, since foldable phones are expected to cost in excess of £1,500 the sooner it gets them into people's hands the better. People who are going to let go of a £1,500 phone quickly aren't very numerous, if they exist at all. Plus after many years of rampant speculation, it's about time we were done with this shit.

Galaxy Unpacked kicks off on 20th February (next Wednesday) at 7pm. As usual we'll have all the biggest news of the night right here.