Singles-Shaming Bank App Revenge-Shamed for Using Fictional Numbers

By Gary Cutlack on at

Things have become worse in general for banking app Revolut, you might be amused to hear. The startup/challenger/unicorn bank app thing was already facing a backlash over its apparent singles-shaming Valentine's Day advert; now it's been referred to the Financial Conduct Authority because the numbers it used to make its clumsy point were entirely made-up.

Revolut pulled the ad that mocked people who eat dinner by themselves sometimes and made a sort of apology for it, but not soon enough to halt angry people complaining to the Advertising Standards Authority. The ASA said it's outside of its remit to cover made-up stats, but instead referred the matter to the FCA, which wields significantly stronger regulatory powers over members of the banking industry and could cause Revolut much larger problems than the lame wrist-slaps usually offered by the ASA. [BBC]