Swansea Will Brick Up the Sea Whether the Government Helps or Not

By Gary Cutlack on at

The long-awaited, off-on-off, innovative and potentially world-leading Swansea tidal lagoon energy plan is back on again today, with the latest backers saying it can be made to work even if the government insists on contributing zero money to the project.

The optimism is coming from the trying-again team at Tidal Power plc, which says it's already found buyers for some of the eco-friendlier power the future lagoon energy project could generate from the sea's endless toing and froing. Cardiff airport is among a list of businesses that have expressed an interest in acquiring electricity from the low carbon tidal turbines, should the money men find a way to get such a complex project approved, then up, then running.

They've had a new idea for 2019's push too; adding floating solar panels to the build as well, which could increase the system's eventual energy output from the previously planned 572 gigawatt hours to as much as 770 GWh. Key to actually getting it built is to sign more big energy users up to PPAs -- advance power purchase agreements -- in order to prove the electricity generated could be sold at a decent price post-build, then hit up the banks for the cash to get it made, even without any government green generation subsidies or grants attached. [Business Green]