The BBC Launches Eco-Aware Lifestyle Brand BBC Planet

By Gary Cutlack on at

The BBC's about to cash in on the whole saving-the-world thing it accidentally kicked off with the last series of Planet Earth, by... selling some t-shirts and books. Eco-friendly t-shirts and books, obviously, shrinkwrapped in the type you can compost, should you bother composting.

There will be an entire shop-full of products launching under the brand BBC Planet (or perhaps BBC Earth, we can't really tell) soon, which is to include clothing provided by alread-painfully-eco-aware fashion label Mother of Pearl, plus a series of books and "homewares" whatever that may mean, all coming with the BBC stamp of approval and quality so you know this isn't any old t-shirt or reusable coffee cup.

Some of the clothing part of the deal should be revealed this week at London Fashion Week, which MoP is already teasing on the fashion Instagram, should you not already be on all the hot young person fashion Instagrams. BBC brands director Julia Kenyon said: "The BBC is seeking to partner with trailblazers who are providing solutions to how we consume so that we as individuals can become a part of the solution and work towards a sustainable future." [Guardian]