The Latest Huawei P30 Pro Leak is Absurdly Ugly, and Hopefully Not Real

By Tom Pritchard on at

Remember a few weeks ago when some leak claimed to show off a very ugly-looking camera array on the iPhone XI? Well buckle up, kids, because you ain't seen nothing yet. A new leak claims to show off a quad-camera array that'll be featured on Huawei's P30 Pro, and it's even worse. More worse than theĀ trypophobia-inducing Nokia 9 Pure View.

This image is a render of the phone, and comes via Slashleaks - which claims it came from a reliable source. It's also fugly.

I mean. It's like someone took the P20 Pro, and slapped a random black strip in the middle. A strip that contains a single camera lens and some other random shit I can't identify. It's such a horrendous design that it makes me think that it's fake.

For starters we've had images from case manufacturer Olixar that suggest the P30 Pro's quad-lens camera system will involve a neat vertical row of lenses. The flash has been pushed into the middle of the phone, which I'm guessing may have something to do with not having it almost halfway down the phone. After all, there's only so far down you can go before users' hands get in the way and spoil everything. Then again you could argue the same for sticking the fourth lens in the same spot.

Which is real and which is fake? We can't say for certain, but my money would be on the case maker. They tend to get some sort of schematics ahead of time to get their products ready for launch day, and those same cases are available to pre-order. Unless they knew people would notice, and took the opportunity to fuck with us.

Whatever the case, we'll find out for sure soon. It's not clear when the P30 range is set to be announced, but hopefully we'll hear something at Huawei's MWC press conference on 24th February. [Slashleaks via Pocket Lint]