The UK's Worst Airport for Delays and Cancellations is Exactly the One You're Thinking Of

By Holly Brockwell on at

Research from Compare the Market has singled out the UK's worst airport in terms of flight delays and cancellations, and it's not drone-plagued Gatwick.

It is of course fellow London airport Stansted.

There are 26 airports in the UK, and Stansted has managed to come 26th despite being in a major world city. While only 1.4% of Stansted flights are cancelled and the average delay is a fairly manageable 30 minutes, the percentages are appalling: a full 74.8% of Stansted's flights are delayed, cancelled or both.

As Londonist points out, a lot of this is probably down to the fact that Stansted is Ryanair's biggest airport: 76.64% of Ryanair's flights are cancelled or delayed. Amazingly, that only makes it the fourth worst airline in the UK.

The best airport on the list was Durham Tees Valley, which only had about a third of its flights delayed or cancelled. That still sounds like quite a lot, but that's UK travel for you. No wonder you're trying to get away.

Main image: Christina via Flickr CC