Thieves Are Vacuuming Money From Ticket Machines

By Gary Cutlack on at

We probably shouldn't say criminals are funny and clever, but vacuuming money out of ticket machines is perhaps one little green shoot that says that yes, the UK of the future may well be a nation of innovators, leaders, and unconstrained free-thinkers, if the kids can come up with this.

This particular crime wave has been uncovered in the posh London borough of Kensington and Chelsea, so don't feel too sad for any of the victims, especially as the main victim is only the local council. This council says it's lost £120,000 in stolen parking ticket machine earnings over the last year, in a wave of crime that's seen the machines smashed, stolen in their entirety for emptying in a secret location, and in some cases drilled into so a vacuum cleaner can be used to suck out the change. Now that's innovation.

K&C council is begging its local Range Rover owners to consider going cashless when paying to poorly park their massive lumps outside their homes and creches, with councillor Will Pascall saying: "We have gangs stalking the streets and smashing their way into machines to suck the cash out. We also now know from local police that this is funding further criminality in London, from drugs and trafficking to possibly violent crime. It is a trend we need to stop and motorists going cashless is one way we can help tackle." [BBC]