MWC 2019: This is Our First Glimpse at the OnePlus 7 5G

By Tom Pritchard on at

We know that OnePlus is working on a new phone that people are assuming will be a 5G variant of the OnePlus 7. After all all the 5G phones we've seen so far will be 5G variants, and it makes sense that OnePlus would do something similar. Well the phone itself is a long way off, but OnePlus has been showing off a prototype version at MWC.

As you can clearly see the device is wrapped up in a case, which means we see what can best be described as "fuck all". This device does have a weird aspect ratio, though, and is much narrower than the phones we've all come to know and love. Sadly OnePlus wouldn't say whether this would be representative of the final device. So maybe we'll get a weirdly skinny-looking phone, or maybe that's just to throw people off, and the final device will look fairly normal.

OnePlus is also letting people send messages to one of the two prototypes on display. If you're a OnePlus user you get to send your own custom message, but if you send one as a guest like I did you're limited to one of five pre-written things that are nicely biased towards OnePlus. The other phone was dedicated to playing Ace Combat 7, which was being streamed via the Shadow streaming service. Apparently just 20MB of the full game was on the phone itself, and the rest beaming in via 5G.

It didn't feel as though it was being streamed, and the game itself was pretty responsive. Unfortunately I suck at flight games, and ended up crashing by accidentally nosediving into the ground and not being able to pull up in time.

That's just about all there is to see, sadly, but we do know the phone will be an EE exclusive. That makes sense, since EE will likely be the first company to actually have 5G services online.