Three's Launching an Unlimited Mobile Broadband Package

By Tom Pritchard on at

A little while back Three announced that it was launching a new mobile broadband service, letting people get web access to all their devices without a cable running into their house. The problem was, like most mobile broadband services, Three had strict data limits. Which sucks, because landline broadband is all unlimited these days. But not anymore.

Three has announced that from the 21st February new and existing customers will be able to sign up for an unlimited Home-Fi connection. Well technically it's being referred to as '100GB data plus an unlimited data add-on' in the press release, which doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Three have promised me that it is a proper unlimited data plan, and it's a 24 month rolling contract. So you have to sign up for a big chunk of time. Speed presumably depends on the Three signal in your area, and likely won't see much improvement until it launches its 5G service next year.

In any case it's £22 a month, which is significantly cheaper than most broadband plans. By pure coincidence it's also the same price as Relish, the mobile broadband company that just happens to be owned by Three. Funny that. But hey, it's great to have choices. Especially when it's something as important as the internet. Assuming Three signal is strong enough in your area. It probably isn't where I live, so I'll be stuck with Virgin for a while.