Time Travel Gets Abused and Overused in a Clip From the Sci-Fi Comedy Mega Time Squad

By Germain Lussier on at

We love a good time travel movie, especially when it does something different and cool with the idea. And that’s exactly what happens in this exclusive clip from the upcoming sci-fi comedy Mega Time Squad. It shows time travel used and abused in ways that would be highly, highly problematic... if it was actually real.

Written and directed by Tim van Dammen, Mega Time Squad is about what happens when a low-level criminal steals an ancient time travel device. The New Zealand based film co-stars Jonny Brugh (the third vampire in What We Do in the Shadows) and is coming to video on demand. Here’s just a taste.

So that’s John (Anton Tennet), the guy with the time travel device, creating multiple versions of himself to mess with his rival Shelton (Brugh) and his crew.

Here’s the full trailer for more.