Uber Poll Data Claims 7% of People Got Engaged in the Back of What is Basically a Stranger's Car

By Tom Pritchard on at

We journalists get sent a lot of random stuff, and much of it feels like complete bullshit. Like the bullshit survey that claims 84 people named their pets 'Yoshi'. The latest to pop into my inbox are the results of another data poll from Uber. It's all about valentine's day and romance, and included is a bizarre stat claiming seven per cent of people ended up getting engaged in the middle of an Uber journey.

Uber's survey only had 2,000 respondents, so I imagine it's not fully representative of the whole country. After all, why would you propose to someone in the back of what is basically a random stranger's car? I can only assume that you'd have to be very drunk, and perhaps passing a jewellery shop that's having a sale. Hollywood has conditioned people to expect grand romantic gestures for this sort of thing, and an Uber is anything but. Then again, it's better than a bus or the 8am Northern Rail service into Manchester Victoria.

Other data Uber sent claims that 11 per cent of people shared their first kiss in the back of an Uber, which is slightly more believable. As is the claim that 10% of people have broken up with someone in the back of one of its cars. That stuff is usually a bit more spontaneous, and the back of an Uber is a good a place as any to dump someone for being a dick.

None of that can be fun for the driver anyway, whether it's an Uber, a proper taxi, or some other ride-sharing service. Imagine driving someone around while they're screaming at each other because one party slept with the other's brother? Talk about awkward.