Uber Wins Round 742 in Legals with London Cabbies

By Gary Cutlack on at

Representatives of London's black cab drivers have lost their latest court battle against pantomime transport villain Uber, leaving the situation basically unchanged and everyone allowed to carry on being as angry as usual.

The United Cabbies Group was seeking to overturn last year's permit grant decision, on the grounds that the judge who ruled on the license was guilty of bias. This bizarre Twitter-level of argument was escalated all the way to the High Court, where today a Lord Chief Justice and a regular old Mr Justice ruled that there was no bias in last year's decision to grant Uber a probationary permit to continue operating. Hence... carry on.

Lord Burnett seems to be suggesting the cabbies were wasting his time with this latest attempt at reeling in the app-based chauffeur booker, with his ruling explaining that the UCG's case was "...well short of evidence that would begin to give a fair-minded observer even pause for thought." [Metro]