Valentine's Themed Food Onslaught Continues With Asda's Heart-Shaped Pizza

By Tom Pritchard on at

Supermarkets everywhere are trying to capitalise on our frugal natures these days, offering their own take on the romantic Valentine's Day dinner that would normally require a lot of effort or a trip to a nice restaurant. Asda is taking a slightly different approach, though. It's just launched a pizza shaped like a heart and decorated with smaller hearts. Because a regular round pizza just won't do.

The pizzas will be available from this week for £3 each, with a variety of toppings to choose from. They include Mozzarella Meltdown, American Sizzler, Meat Feast, Very Veggie Supreme, and Pepperoni Feast, so there's something for everyone - unless your partner is vegan, of course. Asda does sell a range of vegan pizzas, but they won't be shaped like a heart. But you could always do some tactical slicing to throw something together.

Richard Byrne-Price, Asda Pizza Product Development Manager, said:

"Last year, customers fell in love with our Love Heart Pizza, so wanted to bring them back again this Valentine’s Day. It’s the perfect meal for couples or those celebrating as friends, after all, Valentine’s Day is all about what you love!

The pizza is inspired by the traditional Italian style – with a thin base and plenty of topping, cooked to perfection in a stonebaked oven."

I'm guessing that means Asda did the prep in a stonebaked oven, because I doubt many people have one at home. Certainly not if they're shopping at Asda. That sort of luxury appliance feels more like the kind of thing you have if pay people to shop at Waitrose for you.

It's a bit less innuendo-y than M&S's 'love sausage', and not as fancy as some of the meal deals from other supermarkets, but who doesn't love pizza? Anyone who complains at being served pizza doesn't deserve love. Unless it has mushroom on it, in which case feel free to criticise away.