Virgin Media's Broadband to Hit 500Mbps by May

By Gary Cutlack on at

Virgin Media's 2018 financial results have been released, containing loads of numbers about users and premises and customers that are not particularly of interest. What they did say, though, is that the maximum speed available to its broadband customers is about to rise to 500Mbps by April/May.

It was a throwaway line in the financial statement that arrived unaccompanied by any facts about prices or news on if it's a standalone package or designed as an upgrade for current 350Mbps package holders, with the only additional fact pulled out of the by ISP Review being that there's to be a 35Mbps upload limit on the 500 bundle, which'll make putting your life on the internet at high resolution less crunchy and tedious than ever.

To make these words fit this gap on the page a bit better, here are some of the boring numbers: Virgin Media now has 5,224,600 customers in the UK, with 78 per cent of those on packages delivering speeds of 100Mbps or more. [Virgin Media via ISP Review]