We Joined Samsung's Fridge-Based Dating Site For Science

By Holly Brockwell on at

A bit of a change from the relentless Galaxy S10 leaks, this: Samsung has launched a dating site based on the contents of your fridge. Obviously, we had to join.

Called Refrigerdating, the site was made by Samsung's Swedish division as a way to promote their £3,000 smart fridge. However, you don't actually have to have said smart fridge to join – just a photo of the inside of your dumb fridge will do.

Here's ours. Would you date us?

On the site, that's pretty much all you get to go on. You get a first name, age and location, but in terms of picking whether you're interested in someone, the only information you have is what brands of dairy they prefer.

Nonetheless, we quickly found ourselves being quite picky about who we said yes to. These two got firm yeses based on their ability to stock up (that's important when you're facing a Brexit, although of course these guys aren't because they're in a country with sense):

While these two got firm a firm "nope":

The person on the left needs to clean their fridge, and we're not impressed by the lack of sustenance, nor the carrier-bag covered food. How are we supposed to know if we fancy their taste?

The person on the right, meanwhile, gets the thumbs-down for clearly using a stock image. You even get catfish on a fridge dating site. Incredible.

We put our interests as basically everyone, but we still ran out of people to swipe pretty quickly (story of our lives) which rather suggests not many people are into this concept. Or it just hasn't taken off yet.

(Our preferences were all genders, aged 18 to 99, which is as wide as you're allowed to go).

We also didn't get any matches, but we're consoling ourselves that it's because our profile made clear we were only there for research purposes. Not trying to break any hearts here.

The juicy link "Learn how to analyse refrigerator personalities" takes you to this page, where you can read vague platitudes about relationships while being sold Samsung appliances.

Honestly, the whole thing feels like an April Fool, but it's February. So we're chalking it up to Sweden just being a bit more bonkers than us in terms of advertising, as with that badass recent Burger King troll.

If you want to try Refrigerating for yourself, you can sign up here – and if you find the love of your life, we'd appreciate an invite to the wedding.