You Can Buy the Lego Flintstones Set From 20th February

By Tom Pritchard on at

Back in October Lego announced two new Lego Ideas submissions would be produced as actual sets: A treehouse, which is an original creation, and Lego-version of the house and car from The FlintstonesNow that last one has been made, and it will be available for you to buy and build next week.

A few changes have been made from the original pitch, and there's no mechanism to tilt the car - as is seen in the TV series' opening credits. There's also no Bedrock sign, no minifigures of Pebbles and BamBam, and the roof of the car is a unique material piece rather than solid brick plates. The material is a good thing, though, since it means you can retract the roof, and make it seem more like the one that graced TV screens all those years ago.

The car actually drives, obviously, and you get minifigures of Barney, Fred, Wilma, and Betty. Unfortunately there's no Dino, which is a shame. I feel adding the dog-like dinosaur to a Jurassic World set would be quite amusing. Just like adding Hans Moleman to a Jurassic World set. There's also a set of bowling pins, if you feel like having a pint-sized game of your own.

The set seems to be a Lego exclusive, as often is the case with all the Ideas sets, and goes on sale on 20th January. The set itself comes with 748 pieces, and it'll cost you £55.