You Can Change What the Galaxy S10's Bixby Button Does

By Holly Brockwell on at

There was a whole lot of smartphone news out of the Samsung Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Fold launch, but one of the most interesting little tidbits slipped under the radar until today.

Despite its dogged determination to force people to have a completely useless hardware button to summon Bixby, which no one ever does except by accident, Samsung has finally built in some functionality to at least add some extra options to the button on the S10.

However, one of the options still has to be Bixby, which is a bit primary school.

Image: KnowYourMeme

On the S10, you can single-press, double-press or long-press the Bixby button, and now you can assign what two of those three functions do. Specifically, you can assign them to bring up an app of your choosing, and it doesn't have to be a Samsung or native app: if you want a double press to bring up Tinder and a single tap to summon Instagram, you can do that.

However, the long-press option has to be Bixby – it opens Bixby Voice and can't be changed. Could be worse, though: they could have chosen the single tap, which is the easiest to do by accident.

Hopefully one day Samsung will realise that Bixby is not going to happen, and forcing us to have a hardware shortcut won't change that. Until then, feel free to set your single-tap to Google Assistant just to be petty. [The Verge]