You Can Now Buy Odeon Tickets on Facebook, Just in Case You're That Lazy

By Tom Pritchard on at

There's some evidence to suggest Mark Zuckerberg can't tell the difference between Facebook and the internet as a whole, and in recent years it's clear that the company has been doing everything it can to make sure people only ever browse Facebook. Today there's one more thing that is clearly designed to keep people on-platform viewing Zuck's ads. From today you can order Odeon cinema tickets through Facebook, just in case you were so lazy you couldn't head do it on the Odeon website.

This feature is being added to the Facebook mobile app, which makes a bit more sense since booking tickets on mobile sites is generally quite an awkward experience. Still the process of doing it sounds exhausting:

  1. Expand the 'More Menu' option and click the 'Films' tab - or search for 'films' from the News Feed
  2. Pick a film and a show time
  3. Select the Odeon ticketing option, which will redirect you to the Odeon website
  4. Complete the transaction there

Ok so you end up on the Odeon website by the end anyway. I feel you might as well have gone there straight away, or at least downloaded the Odeon app and not sent a bunch of data about your cinema-going to Marky Zuck.

Amy Miller, Director of Digital Product & Technology at ODEON added:

“We’re thrilled to be able to offer our guests this brand-new service. We’re always looking at new innovations and ways to give our guests a better service, and this new way of purchasing tickets online helps to expand our guests’ choices on where and how they purchase their cinema tickets. We want to make the ticket purchasing process as simple and accessible as possible for all of our guests, and we are pleased to further this through our exciting partnership with Facebook.”

Anna Higgs, Head of Entertainment, Facebook, said:

“There are millions of people around the world already interacting with film-related experiences on our platform every day, and UK cinema admissions hit a record high in 2018. Today we’re thrilled to be launching a variety of features and that give brand new opportunities for people to discover films and connect with their local cinemas in a seamless way. The new Film features ensure that Facebook is the easiest way for you discover, plan and get tickets for your next cinema trip with your friends and family – which means we can all spend more time together at the movies.”

Image: Chris Dorward (CC) via Flickr