Zizzi Will Split A Restaurant In Half For Valentine's Day Lovers And Haters

By Holly Brockwell on at

Italian restaurant chain Zizzi is going to split one of its London restaurants in half, divorce-style, to accommodate people who both love and hate Valentine's Day.

Zizzi One New Change (that's an address, not app update notes) near St Paul's will become Lovers Or Haters HQ, with a section for each.

The idea was the result of a survey showing that half of us hate V-Day and the other half adore it. Therefore, people on either side will have a part of the restaurant dedicated to their preferences, with either pink and hearts galore or grumpy nothingness, like their personalities.

Honestly, it seems a bit daft to have the same restaurant housing both sides -- would it not have made more sense to have a lovey-dovey one for the couples and a Valentine's-free-zone somewhere else for people who wanted to avoid the whole thing?

The Valentine's section of the restaurant will be bedecked with balloons and streamers, and offer a special VD menu for £19.95, including a three-course meal and a sharing platter of desserts.

The other half will be undecorated, and there'll be a set of tables across the dividing line for couples who are 50/50.

Zizzi is also encouraging friend groups, families and people enjoying other types of love to come out and enjoy the festivities, which is nice on a day that piles even more you're-gonna-die-alone pressure onto people who are unhappily single.

Rachel Hendry, Head of Brand Marketing at Zizzi, comments:

"We know that singles often choose not to celebrate Valentine’s Day because they’re put off by smug couples or think restaurant prices will go up, but we’re hoping to change that this year by encouraging groups of friends and couples alike to come along and pick a side. We can’t wait to hear what our customers think."

Honestly, people who aren't into it could go for dinner on literally any other day of the year, or just stay at home with a takeaway on the 14th. But if you fancy the sound of the splitsteraunt, you can book a table here.