Amazon Discontinues Dash Buttons

By Holly Brockwell on at

We're kind of surprised they lasted 2.5 years (and even longer in the US), but Amazon has pulled the plug on Dash Buttons.

The WiFi-connected one-push ordering buttons launched in the UK back in summer 2016, when we referred to them as "like a joke that’s gone too far" – and that opinion never changed. They cost £4.99 each, although you got the money back as a discount on your first button-push order, and only worked with specific brands and specific products.

You'd order a Dash Button for a brand you liked, which would arrive with their logo on it, and choose a particular product for it to order at a push. You had to have Amazon Prime for it to work at all, and it'd only order one product at a time – hammering the button did nothing.

The idea was that you'd put the bog roll one next to your toilet and press it when you were almost out, but that assumed you'd buy the same product every time, that you waste money on branded toilet roll, and that you wanted to buy it from Amazon regardless of whether the price had changed or there was an offer on elsewhere.

When the buttons first launched, there were far fewer IoT devices in our homes. Amazon says Dash buttons are no longer needed when we've all got smart speakers and can order via Alexa and such, but that seems like a positive-PR way of glossing over the fact that they never took off. They were even ruled illegal in Germany, due to the fact you didn't get any information before you placed your order.

If you were one of the few using Dash Buttons, Amazon won't cut you off – they'll still work for the time being. Even better, you can hack them to do something else. Like order a Google Home, just to be petty. Muahahaha.