Apple Has Discovered Reverse Wireless Charging, It Seems

By Holly Brockwell on at

Having just joined the 21st century by adding wireless charging to its phones, Apple is apparently now doubling down and adding reverse wireless charging too.

That's the feature whereby phones like the Samsung Galaxy S10 and Huawei Mate 20 Pro can wirelessly charge other phones and gadgets by placing them on the back. It's especially handy for juicing up earphones like the Galaxy Buds, and also for giving your mates a bit of charge when their puny phone has run out and yours hasn't.

Respected analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has predicted that Apple will add reverse wireless charging to the next set of iPhones, allowing AirPods to charge on the back of the phone. No doubt this will be received as "APPLE HAS REINVENTED WIRELESS CHARGING" by the fan brigade, because obviously whenever Apple does something, it's the first time, and all other products with the same feature are erased from history.

Ironically, Apple will allegedly use the exact same tech as Samsung does on the S10's 'Wireless Powershare' feature, which is created by a third party called Integrated Device Technology.

Kuo also predicts that there might be an Apple Watch with the same functionality, although that sounds a bit fiddly given the size of the device. Either way, you should be able to charge your Apple Watch from your iPhone with the next generation of products, although honestly iPhones aren't exactly known for having stamina to spare.

Kuo also says that while we won't get USB-C on the next range of iPhones, Apple will provide a compromise in the form of a Lightning to USB-C cable to allow for fast charging via USB Power Delivery. No doubt the required 18W USB-C charger will be sold separately. [Slashgear]

Photo by eleven x on Unsplash