Apple's TV Streaming Service is Finally Here, and it Has the *Thrilling* Name of Apple TV+

By Tom Pritchard on at

After many, many months of rumours and speculation over the state of Apple's TV streaming ambitions, Apple has finally revealed its plans for TV streaming. It's inventively called Apple TV+, which is such an *amazing* name for a streaming service.

Let's be honest though most people will just default to calling it Apple TV aren't they?

Apparently it's not just another streaming service, though to be honest it sounds like exactly that. Creating original content isn't really a new thing, even if they did pay for more famous people.

Of course the rumours that Apple is spending billions on original content seems to be going to the top talent. People like Steven Spielberg, JJ Abrams, Octavia Spencer, Ron Howard, Jennifer Aniston, and some other people I can't quite place or be bothered to list were all present in a monochrome promo video. Chris Evans (not the ginger one) was in the audience too, looking very bored in my opinion. Oprah is also involved.

As for shows we have Spielberg doing his own Sci-Fi anthology series, a workplace comedy called The Morning Show featuring Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Anniston, and Michael Scott  Steve Carrel. I bet that totally won't be just like The US Office.

There's also a series featuring Jason Momoa and Alfre Woodard called See where the world was hit by an apocalyptic-level virus that left all the survivors blind. Totally unlike Day of the Triffids, right? Plus Little America an anthology series from Silicon Valley's Kumail Nanjiani, focussed on 'human stories that feature immigrants'. We could probably use something like that these days.

Kids aren't being left out either, and Sesame Street's Big Bird introduced a series about 'helping' other people using coding. I mean... I bet it'll end up being very pro-Swift. And there are other shows I can't be bothered typing, because this whole dull TV thing has been going on for half an hour and I can feel my brain switching off.

Oprah's doing documentaries about sexual harassment in the workplace and how it negatively impacts people, and a second one about mental health. She's also bringing back her book club, via Apple. No doubt this will help bring in some lovely iBooks revenue.

Here are all the other famous people involved anyway:

Here's the clincher. Apple TV+ is only available in the AppleTV app, which is not universally availably. Just Apple devices, Roku, Fire TV, and certain smart TVs. No Android, no Windows, or anything else.

No pricing has been announced, but it'll launch this autumn in over 100 countries. Presumably that includes ours.